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Op deze pagina vindt u informatie over de update naar versie 19.4.627 en de ondersteuning van Elastic versie 7.3. De beschrijving is in het engels. We adviseren om onderstaande acties buiten kantoortijden uit te voeren.

Before installation

  1. Stop the Decos backgroundservices
  2. in JOIN Config Editor, change setting "Filter bar behavior" from ALWAYS to NEVER.

Uninstall Elastic5

  1. Open command prompt (CMD)
  2. Go to the bin folder of Elastic5 in the command prompt
  3. Uninstall the Elastic service with the command: elasticsearch-service remove
  4. Delete the folder: DECOS\apps\(Elastic)\elasticsearch-5.x.x and kibana-5.x.x-windows-x86
  5. Check if Elastic5 has been removed succesfully. Only continue when this is confirmed.

Install Elastic7

  1. Download :
  2. Unblock the zip and extract
  3. Move folders to DECOS\apps\Elastic
  4. Copy elasticsearch.yml to DECOS\apps\Elastic\elasticsearch-7.3.1\config
  5. Change JAVA_HOME in the environment variables to: <Disk>:\Decos\apps\Elastic\elasticsearch-7.3.1\jdk
  6. Start a command prompt with administrator privileges, go to the bin directory of ElasticSearch and install ElasticSearch as a Windows Service using the following command: elasticsearch-service install
  7. Open the elastic manager throught the same command prompt by using the following command: elasticsearch-service manager
  8. Change startup type to Automatic (see image on the right side)
  9. Change memory to 2048 MB using the elastic manager (see image on the right side)
  10. Check if Elastic Service is running and is pointing to Elastic 7.3

Create new search index

  1. Run the bulkindexer.exe. The old index will be removed automatically (location: \decosadmin\bulkindexer\ )
  2. Wait until the index has been fully created.
  3. In JOIN Config Editor, change setting "Filter bar behavior" from NEVER to ALWAYS
  4. Start the backgrounservice

Important note: Elastic 7 has a new feature where the index goes into automatic lock-mode when the available disk space for index has reached 90%. When it exceeds this treshold the Elastic Index will automatically go into lock mode. The effect on JOIN is that events can not be written to the index and "disappear" (since we display lists from the index and not from database). So please check the available disk space after installation of Elastic and running bulkindexer. If disk space is less then 10%, first add some more space and run bulkindexer again.